Laser Technologies Research and Application Center (LATARUM)

Laser Technologies Research and Application Center (LATARUM) was established in 2005 as a unit of Kocaeli University in Technopark. LATARUM has been working very actively since its establishment and it is one of the windows opened to the industry of Kocaeli University due to a lot of industrial projects.

The main purpose of the center is to educate graduate students on "photonics" area and to make national-international industrial or military projects.

Our true mentor in life is science.

Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK
(Founder of the Republic of Turkey)

2018 Annual Report (Turkish)

Mission / Vision

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

Development of common working culture and coordination towards common goals.

Product Based Projects

Carrying out scientific research towards products that can meet the demands of industry.

University-Industry Cooperation

Producing added value by presenting developed products to the utilization of industry.

Contemporary Academics

To train personal with at highest academic level with knowledge to use latest technology.


Özcan Gündoğdu
Prof. Dr.

Ersin Kayahan
Prof. Dr.

Levent Candan
Teaching Asst.


Prof. Dr. Özcan Gündoğdu Chief
Prof. Dr. Nilgün Fığlalı Member
Prof. Dr. Ersin Kayahan Member
Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan Urhan Member

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